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Better Webinar and Video Conferencing Software

Livestorm is the highest-rated-party-rated webinar software on third party websites Capterra and G2.

 Our customers achieve:

181% ROI from lead generation and live events

63% better attendance rate thanks to our no-download software

80% less time spent on events administration

Companies trust Livestorm to power any kind of event. From 1:1 meetings to company-wide seminars, to webinars with hundreds of attendees.

 The first full-stack webinar platform

The Livestorm webinar platform has all the tools you need to create professional interactive webinars in a few minutes. Leverage the live chat, questions, polls and replay features to better engage participants.

Easily customize automated emails and registration pages, and truly understand your audience with powerful analytics.

Usage-based pricing for any need

Only pay for

active contacts

Don't worry about license fees. Pay only for the number of active contacts you need each month and save as you grow.

What Is Livestorm?

Livestorm is a video engagement platform designed for hosting or attending meetings and webinars from your browser.

 It launched in 2016 and is optimized for authentically interacting with your viewers. It supports different workflows, customizable registration pages, email automation, and more.

 Using Livestorm’s end-to-end analytics, you can glean valuable insights and effortlessly push your leads down the engagement funnel.

 Popularity-wise, most Livestorm reviews point out that it’s the real deal. Many users have even switched to it from Zoom – arguably the most popular video conferencing app today.

 So, is this platform really that good?

 Join me as I cover the most important Livestorm pros and cons.

 Livestorm Features

Livestorm is constantly evolving, and its team frequently holds votes on proposals for new features to employ.

 Here’s what Livestorm can do right now, what’s still missing in its functionality, and what changes are in the offing.


Livestorm is cloud-based software, and you don’t need to download an app to use it. It works on all major web browsers, which is partly why many users gravitate toward it.

Although there’s no Livestorm Android or iOS app to download, the software supports most mobile devices.

 Livestorm has wide compatibility. But having the wrong browser version may result in at least a 15-second delay.

 Real-time streaming

Chrome 60 or up

Firefox 71 or up

Opera 60 or up

Safari 12.1 or up

Edge 79 or up

iOS 12.1 or up (with Safari)


Delayed streaming

Edge versions older than 79

Safari 9 to 12.0.3

Internet Explorer 11

iOS 12.1 or up (with a non-Safari browser)

iOS 10 to 12.0

If your browser version is older than the ones above, you won’t be able to access Livestorm at all.


Livestorm’s workspaces are essentially various brands with unique profiles. That’s why each can have its own company name, tagline, description, logo, website address, and contact details.

If you wish to host Livestorm webinars for multiple brands, you don’t need to create separate accounts. However, you’ll have to subscribe to the Enterprise plan.

You can learn more about the different subscriptions in the Livestorm Pricing section.


On Livestorm, the workspace owner is the account creator. This role lets you add and remove team members and delete workspaces.

You can label a team member as either a host or a moderator. The former has complete control over the event, while the latter has some restrictions.

Additionally, you can allow guests to enter the room before the event starts. They can also do a presentation or help moderate it.

You can admit as many registrants as you can attract, but not all of them can attend your live events.

By default, your attendees are just viewers. They can’t see each other, nor can they share their webcam live feeds or audio with one another.

 However, they can interact with you through various means. The host, moderator, or guest speaker can invite any member of your audience on stage too.

Instant Meetings

Using the Livestorm meeting platform, you can set up and run virtual meetings with just a few clicks. You can create multiple rooms and include between 4 and 16 participants.

By integrating the Livestorm meeting software with your calendar app, you can also schedule video conferences with your team members in advance.


Livestorm provides you with the details of registrant profiles to help you learn more about your prospective attendees. What’s more, it can track the source of your registrations and who referred them.

The analytics tool is built into the Livestorm platform. This webinar software automatically generates event and participation reports, from which you can glean important insights.

 Besides monitoring which of your contacts frequently attend your events, you can also easily access your replay numbers.

Above all, 100% of the data you generate on Livestorm is downloadable.

Livestorm Integrations

You can connect Livestorm to Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Slack, and thousands of other pieces of software.

 The Livestorm library has only 40 items across 11 categories, but one of them is Zapier. This integration enables you to link your account to any of the 3,000+ apps in Zapier’s directory. In short, you can automate almost any workflow.

 If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can request a new integration in less than a minute.


Moreover, if you’re a software developer, you can build your own Livestorm plugins with minimal coding. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced coder, the company’s powerful SDK on Github makes the process easy.

 If you prefer building integrations over creating plugins, you can take advantage of the company’s API. Livestorm’s Developers Portal contains all of the documents you need to get started.

 Interface and Ease of Use

Registration on this platform is simple. The system accepts masked emails, which is a good sign that Livestorm values your security and privacy. After confirming your email address, you can get started right away.

 The whole process takes less than a minute to complete.

 Livestorm’s interface is as clean and modern as they come. Here’s what your dashboard will look like if you create a new account with the free trial:

Free features

Up to 30 active contacts/per month

Up to 20 minutes/session

Up to 30 live attendees Info

Unlimited team members Info

No credit card required

No software to install



All features Unlimited instant meetings, events, hosts, and moderators Up to 4 persons per instant meeting 1 instant meeting room Up to 20 minutes per event session Up to 10 registrants per event Up to 10 live attendees


79€/month, Billed annually


99€/month, Billed monthly

Pro features

100 to 500 active contacts/mo. Info

Up to 4 hours/session

100 to 500 live attendees Info

Unlimited team members Info

Standard support Info

Business Features

Unlimited active contacts Info

Up to 4 hours/session

Up to 3,000 live attendees Info

Unlimited team members Info

VIP support Info

Business onboarding & training Info

Flexible Extra active contacts Info


Get a quote

Enterprise features

Unlimited active contacts Info

Up to 12 hours/session Info

Up to 3,000 live attendees Info

Unlimited team members Info

Prices Monthly: $109/host Annual: $99/host/month All features Unlimited instant meetings, instant meeting rooms, events, moderators, and registrants Up to 16 participants per instant meeting Up to 4 hours per event session Live attendee limit 100: included in the package 250: extra $99 to $109 1,000: extra $209 to $229

 Enterprise onboarding & training

Dedicated CSM Info

Enterprise & custom integrations

Multiple workspaces & unified billing


Flexible Extra active contacts



 All features Unlimited hosts Up to 3,000 live attendees' Multiple workspaces with unified billing Training with a Livestorm expert Video location control Service level agreement Quarterly business reviews SAML SSO

To sign up for a Livestorm subscription, you can only use credit or debit cards and pay in USD or EUR. However, the company may accept wire transfers if you’re going with the Enterprise plan.

All subscriptions auto-renew and come with no money-back guarantee. You can cancel anytime, but you can’t ask for a refund. That’s why you ought to maximize the Livestorm free plan before ordering.


Livestorm’s help desk is online 16 hours a day, Mondays through Fridays

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