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CB Passive Income Extreme

 CB Passive Income Extreme 2022

 Cb passive income is a compressive program it is specifically tailored to help you to make money online fast during this critical time by just selling dropshipped books online.

Introducing Version 3.0 to make money using Affiliate Marketing.

The good news is, regardless of whether the recession is going to hit or not...You can now be prepared. This is why I'm doing "Operation Recession Takeover 3.0". But here's the interesting part:

It’s not just going to teach you how to survive it, but also to turn this into an opportunity to ride on the recession to become rich in the future!

What if you make an additional $5,000 from an online business and you take this $5,000 to buy stocks at below the market price, without using your own money and definitely not from your savings?

Cb passive income is a compressive program specifically tailored to help you make money online as fast as possible during this critical time.

It's to help you to generate income so that you have the cash to invest for your future (or if needed, to pay your future bills and save for emergencies).

Cb passive Income is going to show you how you can launch your affiliate campaign in just 5 days after you've completed the Operation Recession Takeover 3.0 Challenge.

 Patent Pending Biz Opp - Bryan Winters' Diddly Pay

Diddly Pay is an incredibly smart investment in your online income and financial freedom.

Do you think millionaires look at the tools and software that make them rich as "expenses"?  Of course not, when it's those very tools and software enabling their fortunes.

This means, in just 5 days, you could be in business to have it up and running.

The best part is, you could be someone who has no experience or total newbie, and it's fine. If you can follow the plan, you can start seeing sales coming in.

 Cb Passive Income It’s even more automated

It's EASIER now (without the hassle of sourcing for products anymore)

It's now focused on selling information products instead of e-commerce products for higher profit margins.

 You DO NOT NEED to have or create your own products.

One-Time Off Investment of Just $59 Today


You don't need to create or develop your own product to make money with affiliate marketing. On Day 1, it’s going to teach you step-by-step how to get started with an affiliate offer inside ClickBank.

We won't be promoting affiliate offers related to pets, parenting, health or any other niches, but get into the most profitable niche of all, the e-business niche.

This way, you can also earn like the Gurus and leverage on all of their sales letters, funnels and upsells!


To start and build an online business successfully, you will need to have a webpage. In this training, I'm not just going to show you how you can build it, but also I'll literally walk you through the exact webpage we're currently using to make money from affiliate marketing.

Once you have this, you can follow the exact blueprint as it has been proven to convert successfully.

This is the best way to save time and even effort!


Once the system is up and running, how do you automate it to generate income for you?

Once this is automated, you will be able to focus your time on driving traffic and scaling up the business. The automation part only requires a one-time setup and it will continue to work for you.


This will be the exciting part where I'll teach you my traffic secret in the e-business niche!

I'll be sharing with you how to advertise to only attract a targeted audience, the exact way that I'm using effectively to make affiliate sales. I don't even use Facebook ads for this.

 Also, I'll reveal my "secret weapon" that I use to scale up my ads and boost the click-through conversions through the rooftop. In fact, it gives me a 10/10 "quality score" in the ad network.


On Day 5, I'll share with you how and where I buy the assets to hold and the principles behind it. So, the strategy is to earn income and then "park" the income in assets that can create wealth (or windfall profit) in the future for you.

This means that in just 5 days, you could be in business, having it up and running the next day. And you could have no experience or be a total newbie - its fine.

 If you can follow the plan, you can start seeing the sales coming in when you start promoting it.

Frankly, this is probably the fastest system that ever been created to get someone to get started and start making sales WITHOUT having your own product.

 Your investment will only be $59 at this moment, including 4 bonuses worth $1,292 for free.

Click the button below to join the 5-day challenge today...

Join Operation Recession Takeover 3.0 Here

One-Time Off Investment of Just $59 Today

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